Airdodo European Decorative Style 70-inch By 84-inch L Grommet Top Curtain (One Panel) (No Valance)

$ 65.00 $ 111.00

The innovative design of these curtains provides valuable protection against both heat and cold, helping to lower your energy usage. These unique curtains also offer privacy, making them a perfect option for bedrooms. These curtains boast a star design, These curtains feature a gorgeous construction that is able to block light from passing through it, allowing your room to be filled in a warm and comforting darkness. Each curtain can also be machine washed, making it simple to clean and maintain for years of use. (Reminder: In order to make your curtain panels ripple fold look more appealing, take the width of your window times it by (Between 1.5 and 2), and it will give you the size of your Curtain width needed).

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